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A.W Jenkinson Transport LTD.

At any one time, a total of over 700 vehicles are in operation on behalf of A.W. Jenkinson. The 500-plus A.W. Jenkinson owned vehicles and around 200 subcontractors are primarily articulated units towing chipliners, self-unloading ‘walking floors’ and traditional tippers.

A major consideration for every environmentally responsible business is transport efficiency. Transport and logistics is a core activity for A.W. Jenkinson and the company drives hard to ensure maximum efficiency; supported by a fleet made up primarily of vehicles meeting the latest, stringent Euro 5 emissions standards. Importantly, incisive planning cuts empty running miles, whilst dispatch to delivery distances are minimised though the use of a national network of vehicle fleets and processing sites that are located as close as possible to both suppliers and end users.

Every one of the 1,000 or-so movements each day is planned and controlled by A.W. Jenkinson’s own highly experienced traffic team. Transport movements cover the entire UK and parts of Europe and are extremely varied, ranging from mountain top collections of forestry residues to deliveries of wood flake bedding to farms and chipped wood to Panelboard Mills and Biomass Power Stations.

In addition to the extensive bulk logistics operation, the Group operates a wide range of other units that meet a variety of specialist requirements, including limited access deliveries, timber carrying and blown particulate transport.