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Curtain-Sided Collections and Stand Trailers

Curtain-sided collections are ideal for pallet type materials and items of an odd shape which can’t be side loaded on to a rigid sided vehicle. Common items for this type of trailer are wooden boxes, timber lengths, packaged chipboard and timber frame structures. A&A runs a large fleet of curtain-sided trailers, predominantly on pallet work, where trailers are provided to our scrap pallet suppliers and exchanged on a regular basis. Pallets are often stacked on these trailers by our suppliers in order to attain maximum efficiently and safety for collection by A&A Recycling.

As A&A Recycling have a large fleet of curtain-sided trailers, we can offer a “trailer siting” at a supplier’s facility to fill at their leisure within an agreed time period. Once the trailer is filled we will come and exchange this trailer ready for the next load. This procedure works extremely well with a number of our large Grade A pallet suppliers.

As trailers have to be hauled and then unloaded by fork lift trucks, it is paramount that all loads are secured properly prior to movement, which includes the stacking and positioning of a load, usually by the supplier. Our trained drivers are always more than happy to provide guidance when arriving with a trailer or feel free to contact the number indicated on this page for further information.

For collections or stackable and palletised items, the simplest and most efficient form of collection is a curtain-sided vehicle, which can often be cheaper than some of the other bulk collection services. Typical payloads are between 3-10 tonnes as products are often bulky with many voids.

Curtain Sided Specs

AWJ/A&A Curtainsider specs

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