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Recycling Offering

A&A Recycling are the leading supplier to one of the UK’s largest panel board mills in Chirk, Wales. Each week A&A Recycling supplies up to 2,000 tonnes of high-quality Recycled Fibre, which is produced at our Meriden facility. To sustain this volume each week, A&A Recycling maintains a strong operational production line and demonstrates excellent logistical planning to ensure that the quota is achieved.

The raw material used to supply the board mill manufacturers must be of the highest quality to ensure their chipboard continues to lead the market.

We are a great believer in turning the wood that is brought in to us as waste, back into a product that is once again useable for a variety of purposes. Our significant volumes to the Recycling and Panel Board sectors mean that A&A is working in line with the Waste Hierarchy, and ensuring our environmental aims are upheld. We are supporting growing recycled wood volumes to the board mills through our commitment to provide high quality product, thereby ensuring the virgin fibre being used is as little as possible.

A&A Recycling are only able to offer ‘Recycling Credits’ once, so if your tonnage is allocated as ‘Recycled’, this will mean it will be sent for recycling into panel board products for the term of the agreement. A&A Recycling have a long-term agreement in place with the facility in Chirk, which means we can offer a sustainable commitment to our customers to enable us to continually take in our suppliers’ waste wood volumes.

The wider A.W. Jenkinson Group is also one of the core suppliers and service providers to panel board mills throughout the UK, so if there is something further afield you would like us to look at, please feel free to ask one of our team members, whose details can be found here, or on our About Us page.

If you are interested in supplying A&A Recycling and require ‘Recycling Credits’ please get in touch with us as soon as possible, as credits are limited.

Wood Grades Accepted