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What Is Recovery & Recycling

Whether you are a Municipality, Waste Management Company or a Commercial Business, A&A Recycling are able to cater for your business’ needs.

As part of the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ and ‘The Wood Cycle’, we at A&A Recycling aim to ensure that we fulfil an obligation to the environment to ensure that all of our waste wood flows are dealt with in the best way possible.

Local Councils and Municipalities often have obligations to recycle their waste wood volumes under EU Regulations. These regulations influenced a decision by the UK Government, who have now set a scale of targets for each region, to ensure recyclable waste streams are diverted away from landfill sites.

The regulations state that recyclable material should ideally have another use as a ‘product’, as opposed to being combusted in Energy from Waste facilities (EfW). Alternately, there may be no requirement from Councils or Municipalities to have their waste wood recycled, as these targets may have been reached for the year through other waste streams.

A&A Recycling are able to offer ‘Recycling Credits’ to our suppliers once the material has been supplied to a panel board mill. These credits can be used as evidence to show that the material that has been supplied has been recycled into another product. We can also offer ‘Recovery Proof’ after incineration at an EfW, should the material supplied not be suitable for recycling through the panel board route.

For the first time ever, Recovery of waste wood in to energy from waste plants has overtaken Recycling outlets such as panel board mills, with gap expected to widen as time progresses. From Q1 2018, there will be at least an additional 1.2 million tonnes of domestic demand for waste wood biomass fuel, this will likely see the UK Recovery tonnage move in excess of 2.2 million tonnes and the Recycling or panel board sector in the order of 1.5 million tonnes.

Whether your needs are for Recovery or Recycling, A&A Recycling can work with you to handle your waste wood tonnage, ensuring a total duty of care process with credible end users.

Waste Hierarchy Triangle

Waste Hierarchy Triangle

Wood Grades Accepted

Grade A

  • Grade A Recycled Wood

Grade B

  • Grade B Recycled Wood

Grade C

  • Grade C Recycled Wood