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Customer Tip-In

If a customer or supplier has their own vehicles, they are welcome to bring their wood to our facilities, which may work in their favour for return legs. Many of A&A Recycling’s current waste wood suppliers have “Tip-In” accounts which mean they can bring us their waste as and when they please within our operating hours. This works well for some of our suppliers, who often go on to other logistical tasks once discharging is complete at A&A Recycling.

For customers who are on long-term agreements and supply us with substantial volumes, we can agree specialist terms to ensure vehicles are tipped promptly and within a certain timescale. We understand the need to run efficiently and therefore aim for a safe, but efficient turnaround.

Our goal is to turn vehicles round as swiftly as possible and within one hour during peak periods in the summer months. All vehicles arriving on site must comply with current health and safety regulations and adhere to the site rules at our facilities. Copies of Waste Carriers Licences are also required to ensure that we are complying with our duty of care and working in line with our Environmental Permit.

Customer Tip In Enquiries

Service Enquiries

If you would like to hear more about the transport services we are able to offer, please get in touch by calling our haulage team direct on +44 1827 722 925 or by clicking on the link below:

Monday - Friday: 0700 - 1630hrs

Saturday: 0700 - 1130hrs

Bank Holidays: Closed